Jul 142012



Though it’s a very rare occurrence, every once in a while we encounter a boy whose sexual appetites are of such potency that they cannot be satisfied by mere flesh and blood human beings alone. Ethan Rose is just such a boy.

Ethan was strongly motivated to find a solution to this sexual deficit and thanks to the fact that he was the co-owner of a sex shop, he was able to research the matter and find a technological solution to this biological problem. After checking everything that was available on the market, Ethan found the “Louisiana Lounger“. That is to say an inflatable sofa that fucks him. So now when he’s exhausted all his human lovers and needs that extra fucking to put him over the top, he switches on the Louisiana Lounger and gets all the anal satisfaction that eight C-cell batteries can provide.

Ethan gave a little demonstration of his special sofa to Videoboys and there is no doubt that it provided Ethan with the satisfaction he was craving. For some reason, the lounger’s “drilling” mechanism wasn’t working that day so Ethan had to do more work than usual. But the vibrating feature was working 100% and that’s what really took Ethan to paradise.

Watch The Full Video – Ethan Rose & the Louisiana Lounger

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