Jul 162012



Allen goes first and draws “kiss and lick feet,” which Johnny obviously enjoys. Next, our scruffy young pair share some deep kissing… While they’re kissing, the guys start rubbing each other’s cocks through their jeans. They’re really horny! I let them pull out their dicks and jerk each other, then Allen suddenly goes down on Johnny…

Allen sucks on Johnny’s rod like a champ, and after a while goes back to jerking him. Soon it’s time for Johnny to return the favor…Next in the Bowl of Tricks is teabagging, and Allen gets a mouthful of balls before Johnny draws again. Someone’s been a bad body and needs a spanking…Face down, ass up! It’s time for Johnny’s first rim job. Then the two decide on a position for Johnny’s first fuck, but with more sucking and stroking, they can’t wait any longer to cum…

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  2 Comments to “Straightfraternity – Allen & Johnny”

  1. Johnny is hot. he should shave his beard.

  2. I really like Johnny, some one know his real name? or other sites besides Straight Fraternity where I can find him. Any link.

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