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Dean Carlson has such an outgoing personality that the first time you meet him you feel like you have known him for years. His handsome face would look great clean shaven but with just the right amount of facial scruff it gives a little bit of edge to his appearance. He has never done anything like this before and as he slowly pulls his great big cock out of his shorts you wonder why. And it makes for a really sweet first solo to see him overcome his initial shyness and really take control of the scene.

He loves sex and is a proud bottom who would really get into a 69, good idea for a future video for sure. And for those of you with a tan line fetish you will love the fact that while Dean shows off a love of the sun his sexy ass is as bright as can be. And with it being such a beautiful ass it looks pretty cool being highlighted in such a manner. He loves the outdoors and has quite the exhibitionist streak, which makes you wonder if, after this, he’ll seek out the kind of beach that does not require a bathing suit.

I like him – handsome, hung, lean-fit. He looks like a mix version of Logan Scott and Boston Miles. Glad to hear he claims to be a bottom. I wonder Randyblue will let which model fucking him. Derek, Brandon or Chris? Some hot men just do a solo once at Randyblue then never show up again. I hope he is not that kind.

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  1. yummy. he looks like a normal real person but still hot. I can suck him off 24/7

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