Jul 312012



Chad Karzen and Cody Lake are playing a little game of erotic dice. It was quite obvious right from the start that when Chad caught his first glimpse of Cody and his new buff muscular body that he was totally hot for him. The dice game brought some really cool ideas into play. Cody took right to the task of worshiping a certain body part on Cody. I don not want to spoil the surprise but it is something that had been requested in many of our live chats and Chad knew exactly what he was doing. Of course it did not stop there. After mutual blow jobs Cody set to work eating out that sexy ass that Chad is so known for.

But he was just getting it ready as he soon started fucking it like a wild animal. These guys were really getting into it and Cody could not get enough of Chad and his hot ass. Finally he felt that churning in his balls and needed to shoot, so he sprayed a nice big load all over his beautiful face and Chad thanked him by lapping the remaining cum off his his cockhead. Then it was time for Chad to shoot his load, and he dumped it right on Cody in a nice turn of play and then kissed him letting both of their loads mingle through their warm open mouths.

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