Jul 092012



Horrible boss Mitch Vaughn wasn’t impressed when he caught his assistant, Kyler Moss, ogling the new guy at the office. He calls the poor boy over to his house after hours to “set him straight” and show him who’s really in charge. Mitch makes Kyler gag on his cock before bending his hapless assistant over the bed for a hard spanking.

Of course, that was only foreplay, and once Mitch has his cock shoved up Kyler’s ass, he doesn’t stop railing the boy until he blows his load against the wall! Mitch gives Kyler a sticky facial to really assert his authority, but it would appear his assistant has ulterior motives…

This is a good master-slave match-up. I find Mitch looks more sexy right now than the first time we saw him. Also spanking and facial make the scene a good daddy-boy version.

Watch The Full Video – Mitch Vaughn & Kyler Moss

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  1. muscle daddy fucking skinny blonde boy is my niche. 😉

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