Jul 062012



Watch The Full Video – Trey Turner & Jessie Colter

Today we have a special treat as we welcome back a dynamic duo on MenOver30.com. Trey Turner and Jessie Coulter are here to share a bit of themselves with us. We seem to be late for the party as the camera pans to find Trey on his knees with an ass on his face. Trey slaps that ass as he shoves his long tongue deeper. He sucks at that hole making Jessie gasp and moan. Jessie then stands up and gives Trey something else to work on as he slides his rock hard cock into that hungry mouth.

Trey swallows every inch of it down his throat as Jessie shoves is as deep as he can get it. Jessie’s feeling left out as he gets Trey on the chaise. He undoes his pants and then goes to work on that hard cock waiting for him. Trey is gasping for air as Jessie totally gives into his lust and savors every inch of dick he can take. essie then straddles Trey’s chest to get some more head and it puts him in the perfect position for what’s to come. Trey sucks that cock for him and when he’s ready, Je! ssie moves that hot ass back and sits right on Trey’s dick. He groans aloud as he impales himself on that thick cock. Trey grabs him and shoves him down on that dick even harder. He then moves him onto the floor as he gets between his legs and starts to pound that manhole with ease.

Trey goes up on his knees to keep fucking his horny boyfriend. Jessie jacks his hard cock as Trey lies beside him still delivering the dick he needs. He fucks him on his side as Jessie gets sent over the edge making him shoot his huge load all over his furry navel. Trey then pulls out and blasts his own load all over Jessie’s cum-covered abs and cock. Hmm, Now what’s for dessert? lol

I like this duo scene. Not only Trey Turner and Jessie Colter are in real life boyfriend relationship, but also they are good gay porn performers. They know how to please each other emotionally without any holding back. They just make love as they normally did everyday in their private life. You can not feel they are making the movie. That’s exactally what audience want.

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  1. Would be nice if it’s a flip-flop.
    Trey is not handsome but very sexy on bottoming

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