Jul 202012



Hot Nicko Morales is slowly grabbing his crotch with one hand as he slides his other hand up under his shirt to play with his chest and nipple. He gets comfortable as he lays back and pulls up his shirt to show off his hairy chest. Bedroom eyes and full lips aren’t the only thing in this hotties arsenal as we see more of him. He has an intricate sleeve tattoo that covers his right shoulder and bicep giving him a bit of bad boy edge and as he strips off his shorts we get to see that the chest hair is just the tip of the “hair-burg”.

He has a rather happy trail that visually leads you south to his hairy bush and thick thighs beyond that. He tugs on his growing cock through his sexy briefs before pulling them off altogether. He keeps his pubes trim but knows better than to shave them off appreciating the fur that came with the packaging. Nicko is uncut and hard as a rock as he stands to stroke his dick for us. He tugs on his foreskin as he teases his throbbing cock a bit before starting to pick up the pace.

I think Nicko is so hot and “pretty young” at Menover30. His hair, eyebrows, lips and beard just make him so handsome. He is not a big beefy guy but lean-fit body and his horse hung weapon make him so sexy. Damn! I am really eager to see his hardcore, especially his bottoming scene. How horny I am! 😀

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  1. Im attractive to him. he might not be handsome but very sexy

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