Jul 132012



Hot daddy Dave Gibson comes home talking on the phone to his better half that is currently on his way out of town and filling him in on a little something he left behind. In his absence, there’s a gift wrapped box waiting for Dave. Dave unwraps the box and, to his surprise, finds a Fleshjack inside. He grins as he opens the top and slides his fingers deep into the soft, wet opening. His dick starts to stir in his jeans as he ponders the possibilities.

Dave gets up and decides to get more comfortable as he peels off his tank and jeans. He’s left in a pair of tight black briefs that’s struggling to contain his growing erection. He teases his nipple with one hand as the other hand dives into his briefs to take matters “in hand” (That’s punny!…No?) His dick is hard as a rock and he strips off his briefs to give it some much needed breathing room. It’s been a long day and this is just the kind of relief he needed. He strokes his cock dry as he gets it rock hard. Dave then gets comfortable on the couch lubes up his cock and grabs that Fleshjack to see what it’s all about.

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