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Hot Alex Marte and Vito Gallo ‘s journey to the isolated rocky shore of the Aegean Sea began innocently enough — they first dipped into the warm water, but the longer they admired one another’s sculpted bodies the more their passion increased. Leaving behind the water and risking their dangerous craggy surroundings, they decide to experience each other fully. Alex and Vito peel off their wet briefs to reveal stiff cocks — Vito is large and cut, while Alex displays his European heritage with his uncut dick. They pucker their lips and taste each other with some passionate oral sex.

Alex and Vito’s excitement grows and they decide to risk the harsh landscape to go further. With only a pillow to protect them from a jagged boulder, Alex perches on his back and throws up his legs so Vito can enter him. It’s unlike anything Alex has felt — painful at first, but it turns to pleasure as his top builds a rhythm. The guys switch positions so Vito can offer Alex his own ass. Alex grabs Vito’s legs and holds onto him closely as he thrusts until they reach climax.

Both Vito Gallo and Alex Marte are good looking beard guy. You can see Alex’s hole is very tight because it makes him painful to take Vito’s big cock. His face expression easily turns me on. Alex fucks the cum out of Vito then gives Vito a hot facial – Another highlight of the scene. This is a very high quality flip-flop scene you can not miss.

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  1. alex is so hot!!!!!

  2. alex is hot but I think vito is more sexy.

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