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Hot Spencer Fox ‘s character leads the scene during Adam Killian’s interview: Chris Tyler, while muscular and intimidating in appearance, is actually quiet and shy until he warms up after some chit chat. The guys get the talking out of the way before Adam cues them to go at it. They begin making out and let their hands do the rest of the talking. Spencer’s erection is the first to pop out of his pants, and Chris is up for the challenge. He opens up his throat like a sword swallower as he lowers his mouth onto the meat Spencer is packing.

Spencer has the timeless all-American, boy-next-door look, and watching him kick back while Chris slobbers all over his huge cock is too much to take. But Spencer is as much a giver as a receiver, and when Chris strips off his clothes to show off his hardcore body and uncut cock, Spencer sets himself to the challenge of sucking Chris. And Chris has no complaints — he cheers Spencer on and grabs his head while he bobs up and down on the cock.

Watch Chris’ bicep as he grips Spencer’s head — it’s as big as his own cock! Chris preps Spencer’s butt with his tongue before bending him over and mounting his ass like a beast in heat: Chris pounds and rides Spencer’s rear with ferocity. When Chris is spent, he gets onto his back and lifts his legs up for Spencer to slide inside him. Spencer is huge, and it’s difficult for Chris at first, but he grits through it until the pain becomes pleasure and they blow their loads!

I like this pairing. Spencer is as hot as any nextdoormale models and he is into men hardcore instead of just solo or flexing. Every time I saw Chris Tyler’s new video I find he is hotter than last time I saw him. I don’t know why. The moment when Chris gets fucked missionary is one of my favorite parts. And two hot men doing flip-flop is another big plus!

Watch The Full Video – Spencer Fox & Chris Tyler

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  1. love them! esp spencer fox!

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