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Watch The Full Video – Caning of a Sprayer – Episode 01

Hot jock Gregor just left the pub when he heard some noise from the old rail bridge. Then he saw a young sprayer. A good possibility to have some fun and to teach him a lesson. He overwhelms the upset twink and drags him to the ground. Then he ties him to a bridge pier, sprays his fancy clothes with paint and rips off both shirt and jacket. A young sprayer stripped to his undies –  A nice view.

Gregor, the guy in white tshirt, is very hot. I am pretty sure I have seen his videos for other studios, but just can not remember the name.. 😀  From preview you can see there are a lot of licking, spanking, binding, abusing…Very hot!

 Posted on July 6, 2012

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  1. I like kink stuff. more of this site pls. thx

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