Jul 022012



Watch the full-length video of Cole & Neil

Fratmen Cole and Neil shot a sex tape in the Frathouse and have tons of fun cumming together. This week, Fratmen Cole and Fratmen Neil are together in a bit of a different update. They’ve decided to film a sex tape in the Frathouse, and you won’t want to miss a minute of the fun. Unlike many previous updates, this video has a lot more conversation, so you can really gauge how Neil and Cole feel as they grab each other’s cocks and jerk them off.

There’s plenty of horseplay between these two Fratmen. Cole and Neil’s amazing bodies are on full display as they jump on top of each other and grab each other’s asses. Both of these naked boys develop raging boners and swordfight. Cole’s fat dick fights against Neil uncut cock. To top the video off, Fratmen Neil and Cole suck each other’s cocks and erupt with impressive cumshots.

Watch the full-length video of Cole & Neil

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