Jul 132012



Anthony has been with this Frat for almost a year. When we first met this kid, he was selling weed on campus. Ever since he moved in, he can’t get enough of our cocks. This dude is sucking dick 24/7, and he pretends to not like it. Occasionally he gets fucked too. Such is the case in this video. Come on Anthony, we know you like it!

Anthony is ok, but I prefer one of the top guys – the guy in white t-shirt and sunglasses. He is so hot. I find he is a cool guy in Fraternityx videos. Check my previous post “Fraternityx – Big Dick Fucks Little Dick” in which he wears a yankees’ hat and sunglasses. I just hope he will get a gangbang sooner.

Watch The Full Video of No means Yes

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  1. fraternityx have very hot gangbang bareback videos! very hot

  2. bottom boy is so cute.

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