Jul 282012



I found Grant shirtless and hammered outside our local 7-11. He was slurping on a Big Gulp and yelling obscenities to hot chicks leaving the store. Someone called the cops, so I told him he should chill at our place for a bit. The kid was so trashed. This dude was definitely into fucking around, he kept checking out my ass. I knew if I could just keep him drinking, he would fuck my ass. Because when you’re that wrecked, a hole is a hole.

Another very hot scene featuring hot college dudes and bareback gangbang. And our masculine and handsome the bottom guy Benny shows up again. He got gang bang fucked before(Check my post: FraternityX – 8 Dude Gangbang) It looks so hot to watch  Benny taking the big cock up his ass. Fraternityx is so lucky to find him.

Watch The Full Video – A Hole is a Hole 2

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