Jul 182012



When hotel inspector Jimmy comes in late at night after a rough ride, he wakes snoozing Skylar at the reception asking for his room. Unfortunately for him and Skylar, there’s been a mistake and he has no room! Offered the reception couch by the bell-boy, his own bed for the night, Jimmy hobbles over with a twisted ankle to rest up for what proves to be one hell of a night! Whilst Skylar Blu is off making a cup of tea for his honoured guest, he strips off and begins making notes to which Skylar has a method to get into his good books… Massaging his injury, Skylar works his way up his legs towards a proud dick – hard and ready for a sucking, to which he has no concerns about doing!

Both butt naked except for socks, Skylar has a fucking hot smooth ass, raised high and open – his hole begs to be eaten and the obliging Jimmy is right in there enjoying himself totally. With Skylar’s legs akimbo, Jimmy gets his way with the bell boy in many positions, sideways, on top, fucking him hard and fast, his balls slapping against butt before Skylar’s big dick proves too tempting and Jimmy is himself getting fucked, working that shaft with his hole until it’s cum facials all round and the taste of spunk is in both boys mouths all night long!

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