Jul 182012



Johnny Rapid is going door to door to collect signatures for his anti-gay petition but realizes he’s barking up the wrong tree when Jimmy Johnson tells him he’s gay.  When Johnny tries to leave, Jimmy decides instead to teach him a lesson.

Goog to see cute and adorable star Johnny Rapid again! Thousands of fans are craving for him and many of them register Men.com only for him. They follow each of his videos and news. I like Johnny Rapid, but I think Jimmy Johnson is also very cute. This is a big scene featuring two smoking hot men.com models you can not miss.

Watch The Full Video – Jimmy Johnson & Johnny Rapid

  2 Comments to “Drillmyhole – Door To Door – Jimmy Johnson Fucks Johnny Rapid”

  1. I will check this one fore sure. love johnny!

  2. had jimmy ever bottomed?

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