Jul 282012



I love my job because it’s also my hobby. But today I was totally frustrated. I talked to five guys and all have been arrogant; one of them even aggressive. To give you an idea of how hard it is sometimes to find somebody I’ll publish a rather negative interview in this weeks update, too. On the other hand – when I was almost about to give up for today – I finally found a nice young man who was really friendly and open minded. I used a plain language and clearly indicated my true intentions in the very beginning. He agreed to show me his cock. And even a blow-job in the nearby hotel was no real problem for him. When I asked him to strip naked for me I noticed his wonderful butt.

This is a hot update recently from Czechhunter. He is very cute and obviously no experience on men sex. I really enjoy his painful look while taking a big cock bareback. The cumming shot is extremely hot. Jizz was spread all over the cute boy’s face. I hope see more of him. Btw, if you know his name, let me know. 😀

Watch The Full Video – Czech Hunter 47

 Posted on July 28, 2012

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