Jul 062012



Watch full length video – Czech Hunter 44

After a few tries I realized that today wasn’t the right day for the shopping center. I was successful there before but every day is different. On my way back home I saw a boy waiting for the bus. Jiri told me that he luck three times already approaching a waiting boy. This young man looked a little bit like an emo. Long dark hair and stylish clothes.

Normally not really my type of guy. But he had a friendly smile and apparently a tiny, cute ass. It was hard to start a conversation. He was either too shy or afraid of my cam. And I spent 2.000 just to see his dick. When we went to the parking place he was more relaxed. But there were still a lot of people around. Nonetheless we went on… and on… and on…


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  1. he’s also starring in other czechhunter series. A cute boy!

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