Jul 312012



Ben Rose has got to be one of the most open-minded gogo boys to ever grace the stage pole. He is like an open book and tells everything the way it is and leaves nothing to the imagination – he’d rather show you than have you imagine. First, he opened up to us and talked about his best (and worst) experiences as a gogo boy. Then, he opened up to the cameras of Project GoGo boy with his legs up in the air shoving not one but TWO toys up his hole at the same time. And as if that wasn’t enough… wait for it.. here it come… he shoved his balls up his tight asshole!!! Still not convinced? He’s got one more trick up his sleeve that will leave you with your mouth open and drooling. Have you pushed play already??

I have to say Ben Rose is a very handsome gogoboy. And he already fucked many Cockyboys but has not ever bottomed yet. This solo is a good sign that means Ben can takes “something” up his tight ass. I don’t expect he takes two toys at the same time. Does that mean he can take two cocks as well? 😀

Watch The Full Video – Ben Rose Jacks Off

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