Jul 102012



When we met Luis Valentino he told us he had a ‘thing’ for daddies. When he found out he was going to be playing with furry Samuel Colt, Luis was ecstatic. Samuel and Luis kiss passionately and clutch at each others’ clothes and skin. The take turns swallowing each others fucksticks whole and Samuel even rubs his thick shaft on Luis’s feet.

Luis spreads wide to accept Sam’s tongue and then his fat cock, deep inside his asshole. Samuel proves to Luis what he already knew ­that daddies do it best! Sam fucks Luis six ways to Sunday before giving him a warm mouthful of cum. Luis shoots his load all over Sam’s pubes and furry stomach.

Samuel Colt is one of my favorite muscle daddies – handsome, rugged with a sexy smile. And his cumshot is intense. Honestly, I prefer his bottoming or flip-flop scene, esp when he cums being fucked. 😀  

Watch The Full Video – Samuel Colt & Luis Valentino

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  1. Samuel is masculine. He does not need beard that makes him look old.

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