Jul 152012



This week we have two new faces to add to the CircleJerkBoys.com roster, Mr. Brian Bonds and Tyler Sweet. The boys are hanging out tossing the basketball around when Tyler tells Brian that basketballs aren’t the only “balls” he plays with. Brian’s willing to bite as he tells Tyler to show him. Tyler moves in to pull Brian’s shorts down and get his mouth on his sweaty balls. Brian’s cock is getting hard by the second as Tyler laps at his furry balls a bit before taking his thick cock down his throat.

He strokes that meaty dick as he chokes it down wanting to get as much of it down his throat. They then make out a bit before Brian bends Tyler over; strips his shorts off and shoves his tongue deep inside that ass. Tyler gasps as he gets that hole rimmed deep. Once that hole is nice and ready, Brian gets up and aims his rock hard cock at that ass. “Ready for it?” he teases as Tyler just puts that ass in the air. He slides that dick all the way inside as Tyler groans for more. He! rams that dick deep and fast as Tyler goes crazy begging for more. Tyler reaches back and plays with Brian’s pecs and abs as Brian continues to pound his hole.

Brian then grabs Tyler by the waist as he turns a bit and falls seated on the couch with Tyler still on his dick. He then grabs Tyler’s legs and puts them up on either side of him as he pounds that dick up into that ass in a reverse cowgirl position. Missionary is next as Brian gets Tyler on this back and goes right back to slamming that dick inside him. Tyler begs Brian to pound him harder and that does the trick as Brian fucks the cum out of Tyler making him explodes all over himself. That sends Brian over the edge as well as he busts his huge nut all over Tyler’s smooth abs and chest.

Watch The Full Video – Brian Bonds & Tyler Sweet

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  1. brian is so cute! I wanna see he gets fucked!

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