Jul 222012



Blakes Savage is back with us this week on CircleJerkBoys.com and joing him his Canadian cutie, Kyle Knight. Blake is hangin’ on the couch sporting some major wood in his shorts when Kyle comes up and offers some assistance. Blake doesn’t move a stitch when Kyle pulls his BB shorts up over his boner and goes down on it. Kyle knows exactly what he’s doing as he sucks that dick all the way down to the base. Blake helps out by pushing his head down on his dick wanting to get it as far down his throat as it will go. Blake then stands up as Kyle gets on his knees so that Blake can fuck his face.

Blake gladly spreads his legs for a more comfortable position as he starts slamming that wet dick down his throat. Kyle sucks that meat in every position he can take it in before directing his attention to Blake’s furry hole. He laps at that hot ass as Blake gives him access to all the str8 ass he can eat. All this oral is making Blake’s thick cock ready for more… Blake then gets Kyle to stand up. Once he does, he bends him over; slides down his shorts and shoves his dick in it. Kyle braces himself as he gets that hot ass mounted. After tapping that ass for a bit Blake lies back onto the couch as Kyle strips and sits back down onto it in a reverse cowgirl position. Blake is moaning in ecstasy as Kyle starts to ride that dick hard.

Blake then picks Kyle’s legs up so his full weight bears down on his cock as it impales his dick which is aching for release. He pounds his fat dick up into that ass harder and faster as Kyle tries his best to take every inch inside. Once he feels that familiar tickle in his heavy balls, Blake pulls out and sits Kyle on the floor as he jacks off inches from his face. He ends up exploding all over Kyle’s face as his load runs down Kyle’s neck and chest. Once he’s done-Blake’s out, making a shady dash for the door and leaving our willing and eager Francophile wandering…What was that about! lol

Watch The Full Video – Blake Savage & Kyle Knight

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