Jul 072012



We start-off with Glenn giving his first BJ to Jet. He does in fact look clumsy, but he is intent on trying to please him. Jet, always quick to fire-one-off, even had to pause during the blow job to avoid cumming. I was shocked because it didn’t look like Glenn was going full-tilt on him.  Then again, Jet is always about to nut! Glenn also tackled another first by taking Jet’s cock. Not a peep of a complaint, and Jet did his best to take it easy on him.  I had told Glenn to not just sit and “take it” but to stroke his cock, so he could turn the pain into pleasure, and I will be damned if his cock stayed hard while getting fucked. I am going to see if we can make him nut from being fucked in the future!

I can’t remember if this is Jet’s first time Topping a guy, but I think his cock enjoys being fucked better. His dick always gets super hard, and he is always just about to nut when someone is up inside of him. First Jet rides Glenn’s cock, and they have a little bit of awkwardness trying to move about (they both are smiling as they move around, I can’t figure out what they thought was funny myself) Glenn gets at the perfect angle to hit Jet’s sweet spot, and in he goes, and Jet takes off like..well…a jet!

I was underneath, filming the undershot, and hadn’t really adjusted the other cameras to get his cock on the other cameras, and sure enough he just goes a little too far and practically nuts on the camera. He did cum on me and you can hear it splatter on the carpet.  I am SO glad I bought my own steam cleaner!  So we might not have every angle, but it is fucking intense. It’s a great angle, but that wasn’t the best cum shot in this shoot! Now I haven’t seen this much before, I think Austin did it with Teo, but that was no where near as dramatic as Glenn’s spasming cock.

Glenn ramps up, spilling a little seed on Jet’s back, then goes to shove his cock in to unload deep inside Jet. He misses the hole first try and a bit of cum oozes out, but then he gets his dick planted inside, and I have never EVER seen a guy’s cock twitch and spasm so much! You can literally see it pumping his load into Jet! He pulls out to do some cum play with his cock, and a big ‘ole wad of DNA slides out. Fucking awesome.

Watch The Full Video – Glenn & Jet

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