Jul 152012



I had two guys, Darius and Troy. Both of them seem to really love to be fucked.  Anytime I need to get their dicks perked up, a little (or a lot) of ass play gets them rock hard again.So what to do when you have two guys that you think are best when they Bottom? Butt Plugs!

We tried some different things in this video. A little of me helping set the stage and giving you a feeling of being there to insert the toys and stroke the guys.  There was a lot too see from different angles as both guys made out, twin butt plugs firmly implanted, sucking each other etc…that it required some Picture in Picture editing to catch all the naughty reactions.

If I do say so myself, the butt plug idea worked out brilliantly. Both guys loved having their asses filled, while sucking and fucking their buddy. Darius and Troy turned into Tops, sinking their cocks into each other while having the butt plug inside. Not nearly as complicated as daisy chain fucking! This is a must see video. Plain and simple. The ending is a little bit different with an amazing double facial – complete with cum kissing ending!

The vide is a typical quality product. Toy, flip-flop, raw and hot facial between two hot Chaosmen. They are into fucking and getting fucked without any holding back. Looks like cuming eating and kissing are more popular right now. Yeah, nothing is better than this to end a hot scene.

Watch The Full Video – Darius & Troy

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