Jul 312012



When Dominic Pacifico hires a leather clad hustler to worship, he gets a lot more than he bargained for. Super stud, Paddy O’Brian, fills his rubber shorts magnificently, and when Dominic has finished running his hands over Paddy’s beautiful, hairy body he can’t resist the bulge in the rubber pants. When Dominic goes in for a kiss Paddy does not resist and the bulge in his pants is growing, (maybe he’s not so straight?), but by now who cares, they’re both so turned on there’s only one way this can end – with Paddy, nuts-deep in Pacifico’s tight hole and both gents covered in spunk.

I like this hot update. Popular sexy Paddy shows us the straight man’s topping skill again. This time the lucky bottom is Dominic Pacifico. Dominic has an amazing mouth to give Paddy’s monster a nice blowjob. Paddy fucks Dominic in three different positions before both of them reach the climax. The cumming shot is hot as hell. Dominic sucks and strokes Paddy’s cock very hard. Paddy can not hold it any more and shoot a huge load all over Dominic’s rugged face

Watch The Full Video – Paddy O’Brian and Dominic Pacifico

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