Jul 192012



Playing doctor is an entirely different thing at BoyzParty.com when Ewan Rossi grabbed the keys to his uncle’s clinic and asked Julian Flynn┬áis he wanted to check it out with him. Of course Ewan was much more interested in checking out Julian and clearly the feeling was mutual and then some. As Dr. Ewan began to check for a hernia, Julian liberated the bulge in Ewan’s pants and was soon chowing down on the very hard cock. Not long after, Ewan leaned over and samples Julian’s throbbing bone.

Julian joined the doctor on the exam table for some “oral swapping” of the doc’s bone until the doctor decided that an in depth, and in deep, rear cavity search was the next order of business.. Bending him over the table, Ewan pressed his thick fat cock deep into Julian’s tunnel, escalating his thrust before Julian hopped on the table, hooked his legs over Ewan’s shoulders and braced himself for the deep drilling he hoped would follow and as ever, Ewan did not disappoint, fucking Julian’s hole both deep and fast until it was time for Julian to hop to his knees and receive something better than a b-12 shot; a massive multi-rope facial!

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  1. the facial pic looks so hot

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