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I had the pleasure recently of lying between the legs of the gentle giant Andy Lee as he rub that enormous cock rock hard. Andy became one of our mates earlier this year when he volunteered to pose for me during our visit to London. Andy used to live right here in Melbourne until he moved to the UK. He is much bigger now as he has been putting in a lot of work at the gym. When he turned up I barely recognised the once skinny guy.  The first thing you notice is that Andy is a towering hulk of a man. I love guys who have those massive tree trunk legs.

But wait till you see the trunk that growing quickly down between them! It’s strange I wasn’t paying much attention to Andy’s growing cock as I was taking these photos. It wasn’t until I watched the video and looked at the shots later that I realised how big Andy’s dick really is! I bet 25 year old Andy gives the girls a great surprise when he comes toward them with that beast.

So I was pretty happy that Andy gave up his afternoon and headed to my place to model for me and then jerk off while I filmed him. He was watching some porn on my computer when he stood up and squirted quite a thick load of cum across the room. He told me later that he hadn’t cum for a few days, so it was a relief to be getting off. Our members told me that they like to see more of Andy, so here’s another close look at the boy in action.

Watch The Full Video – Andy Lee

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  1. he had a solo in butchdixon.

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