Jul 062012



Watch The Full Video – Peter Shadow & Iron

31 year old Peter Shadow and 26 year old Iron, both come to us from Hungary. These Hungarian studs are enjoying a Saturday morning, both having the day off from work. As they begin to eat, Peter stands up and sits next to Iron with a piece of meat in his mouth and leans in and they work their way to the middle and engage in a passionate kiss. One thing leads to another and their breakfast turns into a calorie free round of sex. Peter drops his briefs and Iron is all over his uncut cock.

Peter kneels down and pulls Iron’s uncut cock out and begins devouring it. With Peter on his knee, Iron is on the receiving end of some good tongue action and a rim job. Iron leans back on the table, legs up and Peter puts on his gloves, fills his hands with lard and proceeds to fist Iron, clear up to his wrist. Peter removes the gloves and finishes Iron off with a good old fashioned fuck about the kitchen. Pulling out, Peter cums first and Iron quickly follows suit.

It’s not often for badpuppy to release a fisting scene. Iron is a very cute and lean fit boy. I like two parts of this scene: rimming and fisting.¬†And I relly enjoy Iron’s face expression while¬†getting fisted. A hot update.

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