Jul 282012



23 year old Jimmy Visconti of the well known Visconti Triplets, spends the afternoon with his personal trainer, 28 year old Albert Diaz, only there is no training going on today, only mutual sexploitation. Jimmy oils up Albert all over his body and begins sucking his fat uncut cock and licking his balls. Albert drops to his knees and reciprocates the oral pleasure given by Jimmy earlier.

Before you know it, Albert is sitting back on the chair and Jimmy mounts his big thick cock and begins bouncing up and down. Jimmy leans over the couch, one leg on the ground and one leg up and Albert gives it to him hard and fast, doing it doggie style, delivering a deep plow job. Albert pulls out and the condom barely makes it off before he blows a huge creamy load across Jimmy’s back. Jimmy takes hold of his own meat and delivers a river of cum across the couch.

Watch The Full Video – Jimmy Visconti & Albert Diaz

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