Jun 222012



Hiding from Daddy, young son Beau Samuels celebrates his 18th the way he wants to, and that’s with huge handsome policeman Randy Jones!! Already in his bedroom, muscle hunk Randy Jones is kitted out in full uniform, with Beau in a pair of hot black briefs, showing off his toned hairy chest and great legs.

Pushed to the floor and having his face and throat fucked hard by the gradually undressing copper, Randy’s massive dick becomes slick with spit and he peels off his bursting shirt, exposing huge muscles, his pecs and biceps tight under his tanned smooth skin, showing off his bodybuilder torso perfectly.

Pumping this young son into submission, Randy takes charge of the situation and fucks the life out of this dark haired lad; the moans coming from him as that big dick is up to the hilt in his smooth ass, getting fucked by this brute in great close-up shots that’ll get you sweating as they both come to an awesome sticky climax with Randy shooting all over the birthday boy’s face.

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