Jun 292012



Watch The Full Video – Samuel Laroche & Jo Prince

For those of us who missed out on having a boyfriend as a teen, watching these two together really gives a great sense of how intense this kind of young romance can be. They’re playful, passionate, volatile and romantic. One minute they’re fighting, the next minute they’re kissing. One minute they’re making fun of each other, the next they’re declaring their undying love.

And for pure hot-blooded sex, these two practically burn the house down every time they get naked together. When sucking, they’re constantly looking in each others eyes to see how the suckee is reacting to the sucker’s tongue strokes. And Samuel Laroche,┬áin is role as power top, eats Jo Prince ‘s ass like it was an all-you-can-eat buffet.

But it’s the fucking where Samuel really burns some calories. Though he was really enjoying the foreplay, Samuel just couldn’t wait to get his cock in Jo’s smooth little ass. And once he got it in, he became the super energizer bunny, in and out so fast our camera could hardly capture it. He seems to know just the right spots to hit to make Jo lose control. While he was slamming away Jo’s prostate just decided it couldn’t hold on any longer and Jo’s orgasm caught him completely by surprise.

Watch The Full Video – Samuel Laroche & Jo Prince

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