Jun 302012



Watch The Full Video – Trenton Ducati Fucks Ford Andrews & Jed Athens

Tan and hairy Ford Andrews and smooth and trim Jed Athens explore each other’s bods as they suck face. Jed’s shaft peeks out of his briefs, Ford soon swallowing it whole as he works the cock and balls like a pro. Jed fucks his face, then falls down and buries his nose in Ford’s pubes. The sucker soon has another huge cock to feast on: that of muscle man Trenton Ducati, who sensually licks and touches the two throughout the scene as his undeniable energy takes over.

On all fours, Ford sucks Jed while getting fucked by Trenton, who licks Jed’s arm and pulls him in for a kiss over the bottom. Jed gets a turn inside Ford as the verbal Trenton guides him from behind. Ford stays rock hard as they continue to tag team him, balls banging against his ass as Trenton talks dirty (a hot low shot also captures Jed eating Trenton as he fucks). Trenton then focuses on Jed, whose mouth is filled with Ford’s cock as he gets rammed from behind. Trenton shoots, licking his load off of the bottom’s ass before Jed shoots on the stud’s massive chest.

I like this threesome in which Trenton tops Ford and Jed. Trenton is a good top although he bottoms a lot recently. Ford Andrews is a new comer and very handsome. He looks like a decent gentle man and I find he looks a little bit like Wilfried Knight. How do you think? The cum licking at the end is hot. This is a good quality threeway you should not miss.

Watch The Full Video – Trenton Ducati Fucks Ford Andrews & Jed Athens


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  1. hot! titan always can find new faces.

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