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On location, businessman Brad Kalvo surveys his empty room while on the phone with a colleague. In the background, a buff vision appears — the huge smooth chest of bearded Will Swagger, who moves mysteriously closer in an instant as if by magic. Will moves in for a kiss, rubbing Brad’s bulge as he presses him against a post. Will undresses the hairy stack of beef, burying his lips to the base of Brad’s bushy groin, the two squeezing Brad’s nips along the way. Brad returns the favor, dropping down and opening wide for Will’s big and thick beauty. Will bends over, his ass getting munched as Brad strokes the stud’s boner underneath. The pleasure oozes off Will’s face, his eyes and forehead frozen in ecstasy. Brad slides inside, fucking the breathless bottom — who continuously shows off his hot boner. On his back, Will’s gorgeous bod is captured in a memorable aerial, Brad smiling at him before the two release.

Masculine Brad Kalvo keeps producing good hardcore scene for us. This time he tops same musculine Will Swagger in Titanmen’s new release Head Trip. Do you hope Brad Kalvo bottom someday? At least I hope. :d

Watch Brad Kalvo & Will Swagger at titanmen.com

  2 Comments to “Titanmen – Head Trip – Brad Kalvo Fucks Will Swagger”

  1. good quality pix.
    I like Brad Kalvo too, he is a hot muscle daddy.

  2. i want to get fuck by brad kalvo again and again..

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