Jun 302012



Watch The Full Video – Bowl of Tricks

Kyle goes first and draws the Suck Dick card. He’s a bit reluctant at the beginning, but then takes Allen’s huge cock in his mouth and really gets sucking…It’s Eat Ass for Allen, so I have them both get naked. I tell Kyle to put his butt up and face down, and Allen goes for it. It’s not long before Kyle’s moaning from Allen rimming him and playing with his dick…

I see how hard Allen is, so I throw him a condom. He quickly puts it on and tries to fuck Kyle, but Kyle can’t take his cock at first. I have them try other positions until Allen finds one where he can pound Kyle’s ass… Allen’s ready to cum, but when he struggles to get the condom off his big dick, he starts losing his hard-on. I have Kyle suck and jack him until he climaxes, then keep going until Allen can’t take it anymore…

Watch The Full Video – Bowl of Tricks

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