Jun 052012



Sometimes you put two guys together for the sole reason that they are gonna make the hottest sex ever. Sean Zevran and Diego Sans have been wanting to work together for a while now. Sean gets this look anytime there is a photo of Diego on a DVD box cover or a scene of his on one of the computers here. It was obvious to everyone that he was going to give this his all and I tell ya, he brought it. He started sucking Diego off like he could not think of anything else. And Deigo just drove him wild by working his hot ass with his tongue just before totally plowing it with his raging hard boner. But Sean loves to top as well and pretty soon he was riding Diego left and right. They look so hot together, their skin tones different yet complimentary, both with perfect bodies covered in chiseled muscle. Diego tries several different positions with Sean until they are both dripping with sweat and covered in each others cum.

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