Jun 292012



Watch The Full Video – Caleb Strong & Jorge Fusco

Caleb Strong gets bigger and more cut every time we see him. And Jorge Fusco has such a fiery sexual energy that anyone getting within a five mile radius will get an automatic boner. We started off planning to have Caleb nail Jorge because we could just tell that having that big muscular body pressed up against his sexy ass would be too hot but then Caleb Strong threw us a curve ball.

He figured it would be cool to mix things up a bit and get his own ass plowed by the raging, dripping, throbbing hard on of Jorge. But first they start off with mutual blowjobs, which is just so damn hot. Then Jorge dives into that beautiful bubble butt and gives Caleb one fuck of a rim job. Then once they flip flop fuck Jorge ends up giving Caleb a face full of spunk for a job well done.

Jorge Fusco looks much hotter than the one he did with Jeremy Walker a while ago. I like to see Caleb slamming Jorge’s bubble butt, and also Jorge did a great rim job on Caleb.

Watch The Full Video – Caleb Strong & Jorge Fusco

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