Jun 162012



You have to check out this video with Adi Hadad and Lucky Daniels. These guys are so into each other. They had done some live cam work together but once they were there, ready to shoot their first scene together, they just let loose and did whatever came to mind. And man was it hot.

Adi has such a passionate kiss that he had Lucky reeling. Pretty soon Lucky was on his knees working his raging boner, giving him one of his patented Lucky Daniels blow jobs. There has to be a name for this but they do this really hot 69 but with the added bonus of Lucky not just sucking cock but also rimming his hot ass. Soon after that Adi is fucking some red hot man ass as Lucky gives it up for this hot hairy hunk. And his reward for such a good fuck is to have Lucky dump his hot sticky load right into his cum hungry mouth.

I like Adi Hadad, he looks likeĀ a cute guy from west asia, maybe from Saudi or Iran? I don’t know. I am waiting for his deflowering someday. :d

Watch Adi Hadad & Lucky Daniels at randyblue.com

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