Jun 302012



Watch The Full Video – Damien Stone & Tory Hunter

This party’s so hot, they should have called it a barbeque. Damien Stone is on the prowl at San Francisco’s most notorious private sex party, cruising darkened hallways and dank corners in search of his Holy Grail — a meaty ass that won’t quit. Is it here? Damien peers into a bedroom and amid a sea of bodies sees the gleaming white cheeks of Tony Hunter.

They’re firm and plump, ripe for the harvesting. Damien goes in for the kill, burying his face in the hole like a bloodhound in the bushes of a duck hunt. He drags Tony off to a private bedroom where, after warming him up with more voracious ass-eating, impales him on his thick cock. Tony is willing prey. He rides his Damien like a pig on a spit-roast, twisting and rotating into every conceivable position until both men burst, sweat dripping and juices flowing. Fingers, prepare to be licked.

Watch The Full Video – Damien Stone & Tory Hunter

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  1. love damien! wait for damien’s new bottom video “pure sex” in which he flip-flop with his real BF derek parker.

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