Jun 212012



Sizzling southern boy Marco has his first duo with big-dick Cole and a butt toy. This week, we have two hot, dark-haired jocks under the hot Cyberspace sun. Cole takes a dip in the pool while Marco lounges and reads a naughty magazine. After getting his hair wet, Cole leaves the pool and joins Marco. Both of the guys start getting warmed um, and Cole starts taking advantage of the situation. He invites Marco into the shower where they can play with each other for a bit.

A little hesitant at first, Marco gives in, and lets Cole suck on his uncut cock. The action leads to the bedroom, where Cole takes out a butt toy. He has really been getting into his bisexual side lately. While Marco continues jerking with his buddy, Cole uses to the toy to play with his butt and jerk off too. The pleasure is too much for both of them, and our studly Fratmen both erupt with cum.

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