Jun 282012



During a recent mixer, we had big dick contest. Obviously Jackson won with his big fat ten inch piece of meat. Someone invited this Trevor guy to the party. Dudes got a cock the size of my pinky. Hey if you got a little dick – you’re getting fucked!

It’s another hot gangbang from Fraternityx. Benny also in the cast, but this time he tops. Besides him, I also like other two guys: One is a guy in the cover picture, in short military hair style, who is fucking the bottom. Another is a guy with yankees’ hat. Hope to see they get fucked in the later update. :d

Watch The Full Video – Big Dick Fucks Little Dick

  3 Comments to “Fraternityx – Big Dick Fucks Little Dick”

  1. all guys are very hot!

  2. I like the the 1st and 3rd guy in cover image (from left to right)

  3. I think bottom boy is cute……….yummy

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