Jun 222012



Bryan Cavallo and Rob Ryder are two CollegeDudes favorites, and when we realized that they had never been together when they were both here last month, we got them on the bed right away! Bryan Cavallo has a huge uncut cock, just the kind Rob likes to have in his mouth and in his butt. And of course Bryan likes the type of guy he can man-handle and toss around a little bit.

After making out, Rob gets on his knees to face Bryans monster cock – it looks so huge going into Robs mouth! Rob gives Bryan an awesome BJ before Bryan returns the favor, deepthroating and slurping away at it. Bryan positions Rob on the bed, grabs his ankles, and starts going to town on Robs tight butthole.

Rob enjoys his ass getting stretched out so much by a cock like the one Bryan has – he is moaning in ecstasy. After getting plowed good, Rob gets Bryan on his back and rides his cock up and down, obviously impressing Bryan, who is loving the sensation. Rob gets a nut and shortly after Bryan gets his. Hot fuck scene!

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