Jun 302012



Watch The Full Video – Angel Rock & Teagan Scott

Angel Rock fucks the living daylights out of Teagan Scott in this scorcher of a scene. Both Angel and Teagan are hot and have huge dicks, which makes the blowjobs amazing. Seeing each one of these guys stuff a huge cock in his mouth and lick it up and down, then shove it down his throat – it is a surefire bet that these guys enjoy sucking a mean dick.

After Angel and Teagan are sufficiently horned up, Angel Rock – in his typical dominant style – bends Teagan over and begins to push the head of his dick through Teagans tight butthole. As Angel inches in further and further with each stroke, Teagan starts moaning in pleasure. Both Angel and Teagan are loving the fuck, but Teagan wants even more and soon he is riding Angels cock. Teagan makes sure to go balls deep with each stride down on Angel, and Angel is enjoying this action very much. Angel grabs Teagans waist and starts thrusting from beneath – these two college studs are in a groove for sure!

To top it off, Angel flips Teagan on his back. Once inside, Angel slam-fucks Teagan in the likes of which we have not seen in a long while. Angel pumps fast and furious, not stopping to take a break as Teagans balls start to ache for release. Tegan shoots a huge load as he is getting fucking, and Angel is not far behind. The two – sweaty and exhausted – end with a hot passionate kiss. Amazing Fuck!

Angel Rock is back to topping again. No matter he tops or bottoms, I enjoy his scene. Kissing, rimming, blowjob, fingering, fucking, being fucked –  in every aspect he is flawless. I hope collegedudes let Angel bottom again. In the last scene – Bryan Cavallo Fucks Angel Rock –  Angel totally turned me on for many times. 😀

Watch The Full Video – Angel Rock & Teagan Scott

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  1. I watch CD scens only because of Angel Rock. he is very hot

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