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There’s a man in the bathroom stall, letting sexual images run wild through his head. His cock is hardening as the sensuous visions grow more clear. Another man crouches outside the stall, peering in through a fortuitous hole. The man inside is Cody Cummings and he’s slowly lowering his jeans to expose his dong. He knows Connor Maguire is salivating while he peeps.

Soon Connor’s own dick is firm. He begins to stroke it as Cody moves closer to the hole. The luscious boner is pushed through so Connor can do with it as he may. Connor slowly wraps his lips around it, bobbing his head and sucking. Cody works his body into a thrusting motion. Connor takes the fat cock deep, experiencing every throbbing inch. Cody removes his shirt and runs his hands over the chiseled contour of his perfectly toned chest and abs. Connor is standing now, jacking his dick and Cody’s together. He spits into his handful of man meat to add warm lubrication. Connor strokes both himself and the stranger behind the wall for another moment before returning to his knees for more oral indulgence. He wants this mysterious man’s hot load on his face and chest. Watch this anonymous encounter unfold and explode in a climax of glorious ecstasy.

I know many gay porn fans don’t like Cody Cummings.¬†Physically Cody is very hot – handsome face, nice body, round ass and perfect dick. But he is not really into gay hardcore. Everyone has his limit. As long as his video is hot, it’s ok for me. This is the first time Cody did gloryhole scene. It’s erotic and full of ecstasy.

Watch The Full Video – Cody Cummings & Connor Maguire

  2 Comments to “Codycummings – Don’t Talk to Strangers – Cody Cummings & Connor Maguire”

  1. cody likes teasing. I dont think he will do real men on men sex. but yeah, he is hot

  2. cody should stop teasing and do real men sex, or he should go to str8 porn.

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