Jun 192012



Wow! Arnaud Chagall left such a great impression on everybody that I just had to get him back asap and put a cock in his hole! Ben Rose was more than willing to participate and he couldn’t wait to work over the new guy. It was a no-brainer – these two were about to fuck their brains out!

Within minutes, Ben was face-fucking Arnaud and getting ready to plow his hole like there’s no tomorrow. First, Ben’s finger went up Arnaud’s hole and I could clearly see the eagerness of his hole to swallow Ben’s dick all the way to the balls. Next thing I know, Arnaud is getting fucked in every position and once again creaming all over his face like it’s nobody’s business but his! I am serious! The boy was literally drowning in cum. You have to see it to believe. Are you still reading this? Really?!

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  1. Arnaud Chagall looks like a young version of Velim Cage

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