Jun 052012



After passionately kissing, Ayden Marx rips off John Magnum ‘s clothes and starts sucking his huge cock. John holds Ayden’s head and pounds his face hard. Ayden gets his share of pumping John’s face, then it’s time for lunch. Ayden eagerly licks, spits at, and rims John’s puckering hole. Ayden hot dogs his bare cock between John’s cheeks while John begs for his rod. Soon Ayden is fiercely thrusting deep into John’s hole. Both bulls are very vocal as they fuck in all sorts of positions. John shoots his load onto his belly and Ayden soon follows. Ayden licks the cum up and snowballs with John before sucking and kissing John some more. What a workout!

Ayden Marx is very cute, esp his eyes. I saw his bottom scenes before, but his topping skill is as goog as his bottoming, And John Magnum looks refresh right now. This is a good pairing with hulky John getting fucked, which many fans would like to see. :d

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