Jun 302012



Watch The Full Video – Chaz & Solomon: RAW

Clearly both Chaz and Solomon have amazing bodies, so I thought I would do a little body worship on the massage table with them. Chaz is definitely more experienced and easily took the lead by giving a very sensual massage to Solomon… right down to his prostate!Solomon is looking extra furry, and one of my favorite moments is when Chaz climbs up on top of Solomon and they joust with their dicks. Two hot bodies with cocks rubbing! I love seeing Chaz’s cock wake-up just from rubbing his uncut dick against Solomon’s.

We knew Solomon was going to be bottoming, and we have learned that if we keep a butt plug in Solomon, he can stay stretched out and take a pretty good pounding. He pretty much does most of his bottoming scenes all “plugged-up” between ‘takes’. Once plugged, Chaz gets a very good blow job from Solomon. Solomon couldn’t quite contain his need to give/receive pain, and put some crazy scratches all up and down Chaz’s body. Chaz didn’t yell, “Pineapple” so I guess he was into it!

It did put Chaz in the mind for revenge, and I think after the scratching incident he was not going to show Solomon any mercy when it came to fucking him. The dude has got some skills! Solomon loves/hates the pain of being fucked. He seems to like to be rough and then be roughed up, going back-and-forth from submissive to dominant in a matter of seconds.

Chaz gives Solomon’s  hole a major workout then he dumps his load inside, fingering all the jizz to soften the blow. Once again, we are faced with Solomon’s extreme body tensing cumshot. Every muscle is locked in its maxed-out state. I don’t know how he nuts with girls? But it works for him. Anyway, a very hot pairing with two beautiful dudes!

Another hot update. Solomon is a cute, beefy muscle hunk that many fans like. And I also enjoy his pain mixed with pleasure while getting fucked hard. Chaz looks familiar. He reminds of another model Tyler from Onthehunt. I am not sure they are exactally the same person. You could check it out. But they are both hot.

Watch The Full Video – Chaz & Solomon: RAW

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  1. Solomon getting bareback fucked on his back is very yummy
    cumming in hole. wow!

  2. chaz needs bottoming up.

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