Jun 162012



They both start off with oral, and Carter J. turned nervous when he got a close-up look…and a mouthful of Booker’s cock.  He suddenly didn’t think he could take it. Booker will rim, and from previous experience, I know that will put CJ in a more receptive mood…which it did.

First though, Carter fucks Booker, who pretty much realizes he is is staying hard and struggling to not cum. We flip-flop with Carter sitting on Booker’s cock, easing it in nice and slow, and then it was a pretty simple matter of them revving up speed. I don’t think CJ has as much fear about bottoming. Now if I can move him to the same level as Booker!

For the first time, Booker felt certain he was going to be able to nut from fucking. There is a great out take where he almost shoots too soon.  He barely keeps it in.  For the real money shot,  Carter fucks him, though Booker does a leg straightening lock, forcing CJ to keep himself planted in him, rather than fucking him while he nuts.

But we got him to realize it feels good, and I think in the future he will use this trick to make himself cum easily.  CJ was certainly surprised that he has had two guys (Jet) also nut from being fucked. Carter juices Booker’s hole and we get some nice cum play for the ending!

Watch Booker & Carter J. at chaosmen.com

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  1. booker once was SC’s model armos. Glad he did bareback.

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