Jun 022012




Hunter has a partial woody, so AJ Monroe offers to help him out with that! He takes Hunter’s boxers down and starts sucking him off, right there in the locker room. Hunter begins squeezing AJ’s cock, taking his boxer briefs down and returns the favor, giving him some hot oral action. Hunter Vance gets up on the bench on all 4’s and AJ begins fucking his throbbing hole, deep and hard, while slapping his ass along the way.

Hunter wants to ride that cock, so AJ sits down on the floor and Hunter rides him like a stallion. On his back on the bench, Hunter takes a plowing. He is the first to blow his load, while still being fucked. AJ pulls out and with a few firm strokes he explodes across Hunter’s entire torso! They both agree their fuckfest was enough of a workout!

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